Mock Ups and Sample Making

“ROLASON BOWRING DESIGNS samples are beautifully made by very experienced sample machinists, enabling the best sell through for our brands”

As mentioned in our pattern making section, we have the ability to produced mock ups (toiles) of all or any garments that you may like to see and test fit prior to committing to the real fabric.
This can save valuable time in getting to the best outcome quicker and becomes less costly by not using expensive fabrics first time and allows for changes to be implemented in a less expensive manner.

We offer sample garment making service. We will cut and make your first sample if required and advise on best possible production methods.
* please note there are certain garments that do require speciality machinery which we may not offer.

After sample making we are more than happy to liase with your production team, sample machine ist or factory to ensure the quality of make is at the best standard.
This can cover many areas from types pop specific machinery required through to application of specific trims and fusing.